4 Facts; Common Marketing Failures

You face a complex marketing landscape, and we're here to help make it easier.

Todays list of marketing channels is growing - and there is no sign that it will stop.  The complex landscape of digital media is expanding rapidly.

The fact is, most businesses are not ready.  Most business need help.

  • Fact #1: 62% fail to update their Facebook pages more than once per week
  • Fact #2: 74% receive fewer than 5 customer reviews per month
  • Fact #3: 94% of them do not have mobile-optimized websites
  • Fact #4: 100% have found incorrect info about their business on a listing site

Our experts will help make your job easier, and grow your business.  Start to benefit from a single point of contact to manage marketing, email, web and more - today.

A partnership with Sterling simplifies your business while building Value.

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In the midst of complex competition and an ever-changing marketplace, we are here as a trusted partner to help you navigate. We’ve working with local businesses for years, and we know a lot about them. Listings, reviews, social mentions — you name it. We offer tools and products that are rich in features, and white glove service .. second to none.

We will provide information and personalized reports, fuel your marketing, leverage our automation systems and drive your business forward.  Last but not least, our unbeatable support and training is one of our highest rated offerings.

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