Where you sit depends on where you stand...

We're sitting in the middle of a massive, revolutionary, evolution in both Enterprise and Business ... today.

Most of our practice is mid-size business focus.  There are phenomenal gains for a business of moderate size to get into the cloud in an intelligent way today.  Enter the Enterprise.  While a smaller percentage of clients, these are a larger percentage of our revenue.  They are spending large amounts to improve 'corporate status' in the cloud.  Fortune 500 companies are quite simply spread across hundreds or thousands of "cloud services":

The who, what, where, & why of Customer Engagement Planning

The question: What is your target market currently doing online?

What they are doing online;

Where, or what websites is the activity taking place;

Why? ...what do they want from the activity?

This is the foundation for your Customer Engagement Plan.

Social networks made simple: Top 5 in 3 words each from Sterling Solutions

Top 5 is my designation, according for differentiation.  Form follows function.  There are other networks of value as well, these are just what I consider the top social networks right now.