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6 Insights toward Good Communication

When I read that title, I hear it in my mind almost like a Carly Simon song...

Cloud Security in 5 Steps

Hot trends have a way of making us re-evaluate our choices, especially if they stick around for a good period of time. The cloud is one trend that seems here to stay.

Where you sit depends on where you stand...

We're sitting in the middle of a massive, revolutionary, evolution in both Enterprise and Business ... today.

The who, what, where, & why of Customer Engagement Planning

The question: What is your target market currently doing online?

What they are doing online;

Where, or what websites is the activity taking place;

Social networks made simple: Top 5 in 3 words each from Sterling Solutions

Top 5 is my designation, according for differentiation.  Form follows function.  There are other networks of value as well, these are just what I consider the top social networks right now.