Social networks made simple: Top 5 in 3 words each from Sterling Solutions

Top 5 is my designation, according for differentiation.  Form follows function.  There are other networks of value as well, these are just what I consider the top social networks right now.

At a conference this past week, I was asked which social networking platforms (or in their words, which 'websites') are "best".  My answer was, and is, that it depends.  I went on to explain... Who are you trying to reach and what do you want to accomplish?  What dialog are you looking to establish and what is your plan for keeping up with these networks.  You can't just put a page up and expect the world to come running, although possible, it is not likely.


I mulled on the question of how to break it down, and simplify the concepts of these different sites.

It occurred to me that perhaps a simple illustration would be helpful - and so this is how some social networks compare in my opinion;

Facebook: Running is fun.
LinkedIn: I run well.
Twitter: I am running.
Youtube: Watch me run.
Quora: What is running?


There you are, 15 words to explain 5 networks in 3 words - and over 800M users combined across these networks alone.

If you want to work with a company that has your technology interests in mind and always has an eye toward your future, Sterling Solutions is the answer.


This article was originally published a few years ago on our old site. We migrated to our new site relatively recently (still a work in progress) and re-discovered this piece.  I'm sure all of them have been tweeted / stolen / adapted 1000 times over by now, in hundreds of different ways.  Hopefully they are of value and interesting to you, even today.

There is one social network of note that has to be included since the original publication of the article, Pinterest.

Pinterest: Like this running.

If you have any others you want to add or want us to come up with, feel free to let us know!