Where you sit depends on where you stand...

We're sitting in the middle of a massive, revolutionary, evolution in both Enterprise and Business ... today.

Most of our practice is mid-size business focus.  There are phenomenal gains for a business of moderate size to get into the cloud in an intelligent way today.  Enter the Enterprise.  While a smaller percentage of clients, these are a larger percentage of our revenue.  They are spending large amounts to improve 'corporate status' in the cloud.  Fortune 500 companies are quite simply spread across hundreds or thousands of "cloud services":

source: skyhighnetworks.com

This is unsustainable on the whole. Companies cannot continue to block every new cloud service that pops up overnight.

Social in the Enterprise is evolving in the wake of Consumer applications.  This warrants a quick look at these Consumer apps in the Enterprise as well:

source: skyhighnetworks.com

This shows clearly what I call the "Enterprise Gap".  Social in the Enterprise is missing real presence in Google, Facebook, Twitter and others.  Yet you can ask any successful small or mid-size business and they'll most likely tell you how important these services are to thier business.  How does Corporate - incorporate - these into existing efforts and resources?  That is what Sterling Solutions offers your team.  Relevant, Actionable IntelligenceExperts and Insights.

Did you know that more than half of Fortune 500 companies are paying for Google enterprise products, already?  How they are using those products, and what products they use is about to change.

Industry can expect an upheaval in this area within the next few quarters.  Social is becoming a larger part of the Enterprise, but the CMO, HR, and internal communities aren't translating internal circles into external ones globally, yet.  There are some notable exceptions... from individual leaders to corporate trend setters like Dell, Southwest, and Cadbury.  They have all shown some ability to leverage powerful brands and positive consumer experiences.  This isn't a common set of skills and practices, although the trend is clear.

Evolution in the wake of Consumer applications is an obvious domino impact.  Do you want to know what is less obvious, and directly relevant to your industry?  Contact us now to get the conversation started.  We're eager to help you.

What "Social" and "Cloud" look like - depends on where you stand.

Are you on solid ground?