The who, what, where, & why of Customer Engagement Planning

The question: What is your target market currently doing online?

What they are doing online;

Where, or what websites is the activity taking place;

Why? ...what do they want from the activity?

This is the foundation for your Customer Engagement Plan.

The Customer Engagement Plan is not a "bolt-on" additional service, and it is not something that is easy to "retro-fit".  The Sterling Solutions approach expresses a deep understanding of this fundamental truth, and therefore the web solutions we prefer already have these components fully prepared and ready to get integrated into the right solution for your business.  It is as close to turn-key enagement as technically possible.


Every website needs to incorporate and support an engagement plan - because this is what Web 2.0 is all about.  Understand your customer, cater to them, and your business will prosper.


Where are your priorities?

Our business, as a B2B, is grounded in a deep, rich, understanding of you and your business.  As we develop that understanding, we cultivate a unique partnership with you.  Web 2.0 provides tools to engage; in this age it is *about* engagement, in essence this technology is a "front end" for all sorts of wonderful new ways to align ourselves with the customer.  Align your needs with your customers needs and the relationship becomes easily win-win.  This is at the very core of a winning social strategy!


There are degrees of engagement.

Meaningful relationships take place offline - and yes, even online.  The relationships themselves vary in depth; this is normal and expected.  The fact of the matter is that weak links can have immense impact.  There is always a chance that even the weakest connection could suddenly yield immense impact.  Social networking technology helps us build better "weak ties" because of the accuracy and importance of commonalities.  The moral of the story: do not discount ties, links, friends or relationships because they are "weak".  This level or degree of engagement should hold a place of importance in your plan.


Less is more

Moderation is an important aspect of participating in online community - - you're always "on" online, so you don't need to be alwaysonline.  This is a general rule, of course.  Some professions benefit from increased online activity.  The important point is learning to understand the law of diminishing returns and how that applies to your business.  The customer engagement plan should understand and balance this equation.


If you're interested in developing your own Customer Engagement Plancontact the experts at Sterling Solutions LLC.