Westchester web development

With greatest attention to your needs, our dedicated development team is ready to dive in and produce a functional site.  We are intimately familiar the latest technologies and platforms, including AJAX, FLEX, LAMP architectures and the top commercially available content management, cataloguing and ecommerce shopping carts. Whenever possible, we help you save time and money by

leveraging our past work and the work of open source communities at large.

Much of the work we do with our clients involves helping them discover how to achieve their business goals. We’ve found our greatest success with clients to rise out of complicated problems and complex scenarios.

These often include the reorganization of multiple web properties, the explanation of services and products (especially new ones) and defining the strategies behind the work we produce for them.

There are 2 aspects to web development on a macro level; Front End and Back End website development.

Front end is the type of programming that turns a flat graphic design into a working web page or application. We’re extremely familiar with CSS/HTML standards so our clients can be sure that their users will experience websites and applications exactly as intended. We ensure that functions work on all types of browsers just as they should to the best level available.

Back end web design is then type of programming could also be called “background” programming since much of it is never seen by a user. If your site requires a Content Management System (CMS), special functions with data, ecommerce or integrates with other systems, you’ll be needing this type of web development. To put it simply, this type of work is all about problem solving. We solve them so you won’t have to.

There is an evolving sub specialty in web development focus; mobile. Rumor has it that one in three Americans has a smartphone; you’re one of them aren’t you? Even if you’re not, plenty of your audience members are. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your websites can be viewed with mobile browsers. We’re ready to make sure your audience can get what they need at a desk or on the street.

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